Sunday, April 15, 2018

Youth Sermon 8:30 Josh and Veronica

When the disciples saw Jesus they were afraid and did not believe. Even though Jesus was standing right in front of them they still had their doubts. Jesus said to them “touch me and see” for the disciples needed more than just to look to believe, they needed to feel the wounds but still did not fully believe. Like the disciples we sometimes reject Jesus. We don’t put our full trust in him as we should. It is easy to find other reasonings for the works of Jesus because we are surrounded by non-believers, who weaken our faith. We live in a broken world and want to do things our way, a sinful way. Jesus blesses us day after day and we push him away. Barabbas was chosen by the crowd, over Jesus Christ, to be released by Pontius Pilate, just as we choose temptation and sin over Jesus. It’s crazy to think that we have a Father who gives us endless love and blessings and we don’t appreciate it, but we do it all the time without even knowing it. As many times as we reject Jesus he will never reject us. He will always love us and forgive us. We push him away but he takes us in. We are broken but can always be healed by him and only him. We need to cut out all other idols because God is all we need and he will wipe away all of our sins.

            As Christians, we are children of God, therefore,we must turn from sin and do what is right because “everyone who does what is right is righteous, just as he is righteous.”  We are made in God’s image so we must strive to act more like God and bring others closer to him. It is time to put our past behind us and move forward to live for God with strong faith and trust in him.


Good morning, many of y'all know me as Josh's girlfriend but I feel like this is a great time to properly introduce myself. My name is Veronica Morelli and I've been coming here for about two years now. Originally, I was catholic but my parents aren't very religious people so I choose to come here every Sunday. I consider this place MY church. Based on my background, you can say I wasn't very exposed to God's light and God's power early on in my childhood. I had a great childhood, but I didn't see God as a part of it. Now I see the world in a brand new perspective and I never want to go back to the way I thought before. When I sat down to write this I read the reading over and over again and waited for something to stand out and it didn't take very long for me to see it: Doubt. Jesus was standing right in front of the disciples and yet they had doubt. They know of his miracles and of his power yet they were scared and frightened. Is this just human nature? Before this, I thought it was just our current society where everyone seems to doubt God, but I was wrong. Some of the first people to even Jesus alive again couldn't believe their eyes when he was there, standing right in front of them. Which is understandable-it was Jesus-he was supposed to be dead. But why were they frightened and terrified? And after he proved himself, they were still in disbelief! Why would we distrust a man who sacrificed his life for us? We trust normal everyday people yet we don't have the decency to put our hearts in God's hands and let him lead the way for us; the only time we do is when we've given up. We say "here, God, I can't do this anymore, it's your turn to help." We should never let ourselves stoop so low; instead we should put everything we have into God. It's his path he's creating for each and everyone of us, and when something goes wrong, we have to take His eraser and get rid it. It's hard to listen to an 18 year old girl who has only really known about God and his light for two years, but hear me out. Don't be scared of what's to come. Instead of fretting and complaining and worrying,  pray. Pray that God will lead you down the right path. Pray that God will fill you with his light. Pray that God will keep your loved ones safe. Ultimately, pray that God will help you find your way through the  is world full of sin and ignorance. As I say this, I realize I should take my own advice. About 6 months ago is when I truly fell in love with Jesus. 6 months ago I knew something in me was different. And if it can happen to me, a little girl who has only gotten through half of Genesis in her bible, it can happen to you, no matter who you are.   

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