Sunday, December 24, 2017

Children's Service Christmas

reflection on the Gospel of Luke at our 4:00 children's service

The angel said, "Stop being afraid. I have Good News of great joy for everyone! Today the Savior was born, the Messiah Lord."

In the first two chapters of Luke, Zechariah (and his neighbors), Mary and now the Shepherds are all afraid. The angel tells each of them, "do not fear." Fear is the opposite of faith; it makes people sick in body and soul. The angel says "fear not," which really means "trust." Like any parent, our Heavenly Father tell us, "Don't be afraid, trust me. I am here to save you."

Like angels, children can generate a lot of fear. We are afraid they will get sick or hurt. We are afraid  they will do something wrong. We are afraid because we love them so much. We are afraid because we cannot control everything and protect them. Children remind us that we are not in control. We must entrust them (and ourselves) to God. The angel tells each of us, tonight, "Do not fear. A Savior has been born. Jesus the Messiah Lord, you and your children are in His hands. His love is big enough to save them and us. So trust Him, and fear not. 

The birth of the Messiah is God's declaration that "fear is useless..." The Creator has entered creation. Jesus is one of us. We will never be alone. It is interesting to note that in Luke 12:32, a grown up Jesus will declare, "fear not little flock for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom." Shepherds and sheep are told to believe the Good News.

So, let us trust more and fear less. Let us repeat to all we meet the angel's message: "Fear not. A Savior has been born, Jesus who is the Messiah and Lord." It would be good to raise our children in love and trust. It would be good for us to live in love and trust. It is possible if we believe that the Savior is born, the Messiah and Lord. 

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